22 January, 2014

Shocking !!

Today the MP for Hendon, Matthew Offord, is in the House of Commons calling for a ban on shock collars.
These gadgets are readily available to members of the public, with no regulations covering their use or manufacture.
The excuses for their use I've heard today range from livestock chasing & escaping from the garden to leg humping & barking in the car. All the owners claimed to love their dogs & have their welfare at heart.
If you love something why would you want to inflict pain on it ?
Too many people want the perfect dog, unfortunately , like people, dogs are never perfect. Often what we see as unacceptable behaviour, is perfectly normal for a dog.
If a behaviour is harmful to the dog, other animals, or members of the public, it can be modified.
But, there is no such thing as a quick fix, these things take time & patience & in the meantime good management is needed.

Training.... should always be Force Free & Fun..for all parties !

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