26 February, 2013

I'm often asked why we use copious amounts of treats during our training sessions.
Here's a short video explaining exactly that, in a clear, concise manner.
Most dogs are motivated by food & it's not the quantity you use (you can get great results with the smallest amounts) but the quality....the smellier the better. Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell & you can harness that & use it with very little effort.
When learning a new exercise we use more treats, marking every step in the right direction. Our dogs soon learn that repeating the behaviour brings only good things & will gradually get more proficient....however this doesn't mean we can withdraw the treats, we can withhold it 'til the exercise is over, but the reward still has to be given. .... and if the exercise was done REALLY well , why not reward with bonus treats for a job well done ?
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