06 October, 2018


Here's our regular firework blog, updated for 2018.

Firework season will be upon us before we know it.
Nov 5th falls on a Monday
Diwali...falls on 
Wednesday, Nov 7th this year
New Year's Eve falls on a Monday

Some dogs get really worried by the noise, smells & flashes.... but with a little preparation & effort on your part, it can be a lot easier for them.
If you have a puppy, or young dog, with no prior experience of fireworks, you have a blank canvas with which to work.
Your dog can be taught that fireworks are a positive, rewarding thing !!!

Ensure your dog is walked before dusk.
Draw the curtains earlier.
Raise the volume on TV's & radios slightly.
Pop the heating up a wee bit higher.
Feed a meal higher in carbs....it has the effect of us eating a heavy meal & just wanting to snooze. (Sweet potato is ideal for this, boiled & mashed, it's a natural calmer)
Try & keep everything as normal as possible.

Whenever I have a pup or young dog, at the 1st sound of fireworks I start a training session indoors, loads of treats, lots of praise, doing things the dog knows well (this isn't the time to try & teach a new behaviour)

If your dog stops & listens, that's completely normal (Don't forget their hearing is incredibly sensitive)
If they want to run off & hide, let them.
If they want to go outside & watch, let them, as long as it's safe for them & they are free to come back in (Go outside with them)

All dogs react differently !!

Older dogs that may have been ok all their lives, can react as they get older. It's because of changes in their hearing. They lose mid-range ability & only hear really high, or really low sounds (Making fireworks & thunderstorms more audible.)
Preparation really is the key to avoiding a stressed pet.
Zylkene website HERE has some excellent, free sound
resources, which you can play to accustom your pet to the 
noise & create a positive association.
  Zylkene is made from natural ingredients & helps relax pets at     times they are finding stressful.

An  ADAPTIL collar or diffuser is another option, which works the same way.

Many people also swear by music to calm their dogs.
There are lots of free options online THIS is a good one (tested by my own dogs) 

Long time no blog!!!

No blog from the training club for years!!
Sometimes life gets in the way & that's what happened.
Losses of both the human & Canine kind 
have struck some hard blows, but hopefully, things are now looking up.
The club is very busy, with lots of people training their dogs & gaining their kennel club awards.
I've become a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor & more recently become accredited as a Canine Hoopers UK instructor ...see more about the sport HERE .
We hope to hold courses in this very shortly.
Feel free to contact us via the website for more info.