20 May, 2014

Attention All Burnham Beeches Dog Walkers

  A familiar sight to those of you that know me, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, my dogs, off lead, posing for a photo in Burnham Beeches.
We've walked there since Chili was a pup (She's 9 now) & my parents used to take me there as a kid regularly, so I know the area pretty well. I live less than a mile away, so spend as much time as I can there, sometimes with the dogs, sometimes without...but usually with a camera or 2.
In 2008 the roads running through the Beeches were closed to traffic, so now (Except for the occasional speeding cyclist) walkers, horse riders & joggers are safe to walk around the site.

 In the main the dog walkers using the site are what I'd call "responsible". We don't let our dogs swim in the ponds, or chase wildlife...including the Cows & Ponies which have been introduced onto the site. We pick up after our dogs (using the bags & bins provided). We don't allow our dogs to chase cyclists, joggers & horse riders & we keep our eyes open for any problems on site, people acting suspiciously, unsafe trees, fences & gates, litter, fires etc.

Unfortunately though the sites management team are trying to impose restrictions on us dog walking types. (See article below)

We are expecting a public consultation any time now & hope there will be a meeting, where we can voice our concerns, make alternative suggestions & hear the reasons which justify such harsh measures. The Kennel Club are keen for dog walkers to get involved in the consultation process.
The City of London Corporation manage other sites (Including Epping Forest) we feel these proposed restrictions will be the 1st in a long line.

If you wish to know more, offer support, have ideas or suggestions that may help us fight these DCO's please join us on our facebook page