29 March, 2013

I'm sure many of you have read THIS ARTICLEAnother article written before all the facts are known.

Over & over again we read "There is no such thing as a bad dog – just a bad owner" It's not true, the owner is the person in charge of the dog NOW, they might be a great owner, but
something a previous owner has done has messed up the dog in some way.
  Again I say it, get to know your rescue dog BEFORE letting it run free, BEFORE leaving it with your child, other dogs, friends & family , in the home. (even then I would NEVER leave a child or vulnerable adult alone with a dog)
  A rescue dog will very often have a complete change in demeanour, once settled in a new home.
I'm not saying any of the above is a factor in this recent case, but everyone involved in a dogs life shapes their behaviour.
I'm constantly in touch with rescue dog owners who are seeking help for unwanted behaviours. They are embarrassed at their dogs reactions to other dogs, cars, people, objects......but they (the owner)are not to blame for their dogs behaviour !

14 March, 2013

Pet Theft Awareness Week

Pet Theft Awareness Week runs from March 14th - 21st
Visit the website for further details

04 March, 2013

Congratulations to

...............Holly,  Tanus & Finlay,on gaining their Puppy Foundation awards today
Please take a look at the puppy class page for a new video showing how  we train & reward