15 May, 2013

Caveat emptor

You research before buying a car or major electrical appliance.
You research before going on holiday, or before booking flights.
If there are problems with any of the above you would complain & tell everyone about the poor service you'd received , vote with your feet & never use or recommend the service to anyone.

In business reputation is everything & you should strive to give good service to ensure customer satisfaction.

In recent months we've had numerous calls from people looking for help with their dogs (Not unusual as we're a dog  training club) But, what links all these people is their experience with "Puppy Parties".

I've had owners in tears on the phone, recounting their experiences.
Pups being "pinned" having water sprayed in their faces, shouted at etc & to make it worse in 100% of these cases this has happened at the same establishment.

You research before choosing schools for your children & (Hopefully) have done your research before choosing your pup.....why would you allow this harsh handling & use of outdated methods?

When questioned the instructor has told the owners that these methods work & "cure" bad behaviour.
Luckily most owners walk away (losing all the money they've paid up front) & seek out an enlightened, force free approach,  based on fun, not fear and,  in the majority of cases, no lasting harm  done. But sadly some pups will carry the experience with them into adulthood.

If you're reading this & thinking about enrolling in any type of training classes ,PLEASE go along & watch one or two. Ensure both dogs & handlers look happy & relaxed, speak to class members & ask the instructors questions about their methods (a reputable club will invite you along anyway & will probably offer you a free session too) if you feel in the slightest bit uncomfortable.....walk away.

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